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Product Launch - AMP ELISA Test AMH

AMH is a glyco-protein hormone playing a fundamental role in growth differentiation.

While in the male embryo AMH causes the Müllerian ducts to disappear, in the female embryo in the absence of AMH the Müllerian ducts develop into the inner productive organs.

In females, AMH is secreted by the granulosa cells of the preantral and small antral ovarian follicles. Production of AMH regulates follicle recruitment and growth of small follicles while preventing exhaustion of the follicular pool.

Serum levels of AMH reflect the continuous growth of follicles and thus are considered as an accurate endocrine marker of the ovarian reserve and the reproductive lifespan.

AMH can also be used for detection of ovarian dysfunction, such as PCOS, as well as personalization of infertility management.

AMH kit items.jpeg



Kit content

Test principle

Sample material

Sample volume


Detection limit

Measuring range

Dose hook effect



96 tests

one-step sandwich EIA

human serum

50 µL

point-to-point (6 points)

0.02 ng/mL

0.02 - 25.0 ng/mL

500 ng/mL

cv ≤ 5.0% (within run)

cv  8.7% (day to day)

Features and Benefits:

  • One-step sandwich EIA

  • 6 calibration points

  • Low detection limit (0.02 ng/mL)

  • Wide measuring range (up to 25 ng/mL)

  • Short assay time (80 minutes)

  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents

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