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Control Blood

HT Instruments

AMP Accos 360

Automated 3-part Differential Hematology Analyzer

AMP Accos 360 is a smart and compact fully automated hematology analyzer designed for reliable and accurate performance of 3-part differential analysis applying the proven impedance counting principle. Low reagent consumption and minimized maintenance requirements ensure cost-efficient operation.  

  • sample volume of only 10 μL required

  • efficient throughput of 60 samples / hour

  • 20 parameters incl. 3 histograms reported

  • 8" color LCD touch screen enables simple operation

  • up to 100.000 test results including histograms in memory

  • only 2 reagents connected to the analyzer

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AMP Accos 560

Automated 5-part Differential Hematology Analyzer

Coming soon ...

AMP Accos 580

Fully Automated 5-part Diff Hematology Analyzer

AMP Accos 580 applies modern semi-conductor laser technology for accurate and precise differentiation of leukocytes. A total of 29 parameters are reported from a sample of 20 μL only, either entered via the continuously loading rack sampler or the sample needle.

Automated barcode scanning and bidirectional LIS connectivity enable smooth integration of the analyzer in a modern laboratory environment. 

  • sample volume of only 20 μL required

  • automated processing of 80 samples / hour

  • continuously loading rack sampler, 60 positions

  • semi-conductor laser for accurate leukocyte differentiation 

  • impedance counting with floating thresholds for basic CBC 

  • PC controlled system with functional and powerful software

  • enhanced data management capabilities (results, QC)

Download Product Brochure (click PDF symbol)

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HT Control Blood

AMP HemoTrol

Hematology Control Blood

AMP HemoTrol, alternatively available as 3-part or 5-part    differential control, is an assayed stable whole blood control material intended for regular performance validation of hematology analyzers. 

It is composed of stabilized human erythrocytes, mammalian leukocytes and platelets, suspended in a plasma-like fluid with preservatives.

The range of clinical values is covered by 3 different levels - abnormal low, normal, abnormal high - which are supplied in tubes with color-coded caps for convenient differentiation.

Various kits sizes are addressing individual requirements.

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AMP HemoTrol 16     3-part diff control

AMP HemoTrol 5D     5-part diff control for Abbott analyzers

AMP HemoTrol 5M    5-part diff control for Mindray analyzers

AMP HemoTrol 5X     5-part diff control for Sysmex analyzers

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