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AMP USR mini

Its compact dimensions, the low weight and the built-in battery make AMP USR mini a truely portable urine strip reader, that allows accurate and reliable urine analysis literally anywhere. Results are presented on the bright screen, can be printed by the wireless printer or downloaded via the USB port.

•  for use with 10 or 11 parameter strips

•  throughput 50 strips / hour in normal and up to 140 strips / hour in fast mode

•  built-in rechargeable Li battery

•  simple operation concept

•  wireless thermoprinter (optional)

•  memory up to 1.000 results

•  compact dimensions - 110 x 68 x 27 mm - 160 gr.

AMP Urine Strip Reader USR 500

AMP Urine Strip Reader USR 500 is a functional and powerful analyser for automated reading of AMP Urine Strips in laboratories with a high sample throughput.

•  automated test strip feeding

•  for use with 10 or 11 parameter strips (incl. microalbumin)

•  throughput up to 514 strips / hour

•  automatic compensation of urine colour and clarity as well as pH

•  intuitive touch-screen operation

•  built-in thermoprinter

•  memory up to 2.000 results and 50 QC results

AMP Urine Strips

AMP Urine Strips are a simple, efficient and inexpensive tool for determination of diseases  affecting kidneys and urinary tract, carbohydrate metabolism disorders, liver diseases  and haemolytic disorders. Early identification of risk patients improves therapy and also helps to save costs.

The test strips can be evaluated both visually and by using adequate automated strip readers. Use of only the best raw materials and an efficient quality control system ensure AMP Urine Strips to report results of optimal accuracy for each parameter.

The arrangement of the individual test pads ensures the effective prevention of cross contamination. Furthermore a blank compensation area also allows accurate analysis of coloured urine.

Available Test Parameters

•  Ascorbic Acid (ASA or VC)

•  Bilirubin (BIL)

•  Blood (BLD)

•  Calcium (CA)

•  Creatinine (CREA)

•  Glucose (GLU)

•  Ketone (KET)

•  Leucocytes (LEU)

•  Microalbumin (MALB)

•  Nitrite (NIT)

•  pH

•  Protein (PRO)

•  Specific Gravity (SG)

•  Urobilinogen (URO)

AMP UroTrol

AMP UroTrol is a quality control material available in two levels - positive and negative - to verify the performance of AMP Urine Strips and AMP Urine Strip Readers. It is a ready-to-use liquid control supplied in dropper bottles, that is easy to use as it does not require any dilution or reconstitution.


AMP UroTrol Kit


•  2 bottles - negative control

•  2 bottles - positive control

AMP USR mini



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AMP USR mini

portable, battery operated urine strip reader launched

AMP USR compact

smart desktop urine strip reader for convenient reading of 10- to 14-para-meter strips

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AMP USR compact

AMP USR compact

AMP USR mini