Your Success is our Mission

Besides the patient's medical history and diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratory diagnostics provides essential contribution not only to the diagnosis of diseases, but also to therapy monitoring and prognosis. Development of new technologies, improvement of existing methods and the emphasis on high quality standards resulted in increased sensitivity and specificity of laboratory diagnostic tests.

The product portfolio of AMP Diagnostics is designed to provide such valuable diagnostic tools to medical professionals and laboratory specialists in various fields of application - from the high-throughput laboratory in modern clinics to basic primary health care centres even in remote areas. Our commitment to highest quality standards, user convenience and flexibility in meeting customer requirements enables laboratory specialists to focus their attention to their main task - providing reliable diagnostic information reflecting the patient's status.

The team of AMP Diagnostics maintains long-term experience in the field of routine laboratory diagnostics and is committed not only to supplying most efficient diagnostic solutions, but also to providing adequate assistance in using such products most efficiently. Using AMP Diagnostics products laboratory specialists can be sure to achieve the best balance between convenience, reliability, professional performance and cost efficiency.